Orange Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

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NEW SEASONS :: 8/8/11
walnut halves & pieces: $6.83
whole nutmeg: $0.76 — so much better than pre-ground!  And way easier to hand grate than you might think
firm tofu: $1.69
kale: $2.49 — for a kale, radish, and carrot salad, inspired by Kate this past weekend
red potatoes: $3.22
seedless watermelon: $1.84
carrots: $3.48 — carrot ginger coconut soup!  Hot or cold, up to you.
tangelo: $1.37 — I need your zest, and will eat the rest of you for dessert.
peach: $1.00
eggplant: $2.09
roma tomatoes: $1.89
TOTAL: $27.65
Can you tell I’m craving the veggies?  After a weekend of Phish at the Gorge, pretty much all I want to eat is fresh fruit and veggies.  Although, to be fair, my traveling crew kept it pretty damn healthy for a weekend of debauchery: my two kitchen buddies and I feasted all weekend on high-protein sandwiches with fresh garden greens, falafel with yogurt dressing and fresh veggies, hearty scrambles, a huge tub of homemade tricolor pasta salad…and of course, Morning Blend and Santa Cruz to make the cocktails of champions.
But still, after 9 weekends in a row either out of town or in town with intense work weekends, I’m pretty ready to just mellow out and eat a lot of salad.
But first, I have this to contend with:
1c measuring cup, accompanying for perspective

Jesse’s got a bumper crop of these this year, but this one is like a freak of nature.  He sent me home with it this morning with the hopes that it will return in the form of zucchini bread (which of course, it did), but what he didn’t realize is that it will also reappear later this week in some adaptation of these baked Asiago zucchini fritters.  I just treated myself to a new Cuisinart last week, and I already grated this entire monster up in a matter of 2 minutes.

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