Gluten-Free Sprouted Amaranth Sesame Crackers

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Sorry, guys, not too much to report this week.  Though it’s been a cooking-heavy week full of delicious, non-inflammatory food as the Great Cleanse of 2012 continues, not much of it was photographed, as my main focus is on some technical behind-the-scenes stuff right now as I transfer this blog over to WordPress and move everything over to our own domain.

Back on track next week, I promise, when I’ll be cooking up a big mushroom lasagna for a weekend down in Bend to see Yonder Mountain String Band with a house full of friends.

In the meantime, I will take you on another gluten-free cracker adventure, this one bearing a surprisingly happy ending.

I recently gave in and admitted that no, in fact, I just can’t handle the woodsiness of amaranth hot cereal while I’m in this gluten-free phase of things.  I would opt for a fresh fruit smoothie, or the gluten-free granola from New Seasons with almond milk, any day.

So, faced with a glut of leftover amaranth grains, I decided to try out another go at gluten-free crackers.  To start with, I sprouted the amaranth for three days by soaking it in water, draining it in a jar with a mesh top, and then rinsing it daily so the grains stayed moist.

  • Then last night, I gave it a final rinse, and tossed it in the blender with the following:
  • a handful of sesame seeds
  • some rehydrated wakame seaweed
  • a dash of coconut aminos
  • garlic powder
  • Italian seasoning herbs
  • and enough rice flour to thicken it up into a nice wet paste
I spread it all out on a tinfoil-lined baking sheet…

Scored it, sprinkled some finishing salt on top…

And baked it at 200 degrees for about an hour and a half, checking it every 20 minutes and taking it out right when the thickest pieces were no longer pliable.

The verdict?  “Not too bad…considering.”  

Grocery Time!
New Seasons 4/8
Erewhon brown rice cocoa crispies: $4.49
Theo chocolate bar: $3.59 — no soy lecithin or dairy!  Too good to be true!
hazelnuts: $6.89 — I grind these up in my morning smoothies
medjool dates: $2.45 — I had a grand plan to make gluten-free dessert bars out of these, but ended up just eating them whole
brown rice flour: $3.79
chickpeas: $2.97
red quinoa: $6.23
white quinoa: $4.11
salmon lox: $5.29 — my indulgence for this week!  Gotta have some salty treat to keep me happy during my cleanse…
cucumbers: $3.96
red kale: $2.49
radish bunch: $1.49
mixed greens: $3.50
red onion: $0.91
bananas: $1.92
whole free range chicken: $10.47
olives: $5.79
TOTAL: $70.34
A new look for the blog, next week!

How did the rest of my Project: Food Budget-ers do?

3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Sprouted Amaranth Sesame Crackers

  1. look at you making crackers! i have never in my life considered that crackers were something that could be made at home. i'm still nervous to try them…

  2. Crackers are on my list of things to make this year. They are so easy and so yummy, I don't know why I haven't done it yet. Yours look delicious!

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