Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

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This meal was born out of good fortune.  Monday afternoon, my friend-and-interior-designer Claire and I were having coffee at Little T Bakery, discussing design plans for Yarnia‘s new location.  When we got up to leave, the barista asked if we wanted to take any bread home, since they were closing up for the end of the day.  I said sure (now that I’m running a half marathon, I’m guiltlessly back on the gluten bandwagon) and he loaded us up with gigantic shopping bags full of artisan loaves.


One of two large Tupperwares full

I had a whole plan for a more elaborate dinner for that night, but with so much fresh, delicious bread now taking up counter space in my kitchen, and the fact that Jesse was still getting over being sick, grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup (mostly based off of this recipe) seemed like the only logical option.


But, to be fair, I also made this wild rice casserole that I’d had in the back of my mind as a good way to use up the head of broccoli that had been dwelling in our crisper for almost-too-long; those potatoes you see dotting the top are the tail end of the scalloped potatoes I’d made last week, and with almost the exact same sauce holding this dish together, they seemed like the perfect layer to spread on top.  Delish, to be sure, but would have benefited greatly from the addition of sauteed mushrooms.


Ambiance augmented by beautiful flowers that Jesse brought home last Friday afternoon.  Just ‘cuz.


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