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Like I said, this week’s a busy one.  Instead of cooking I’ve been busy packing up half my shop to bring to Seattle for my booth setup, organizing all the last-minute stuff that goes into putting on a gargantuan production like the Urban Craft Uprising, and packing my house to move.

It’s not quite time to pack the kitchen yet — that comes absolutely last — but needless to say, this has been a week of grilled chicken on green salad, leftover calzones, and having other people cook for me.

Like Kenny and Zuke!

Sunday night, Jesse and I hopped on our bikes and took a gorgeous summer evening bike ride downtown (a rarity for me, crossing the river) to have dinner at Kenny & Zuke’s, and then up the hill to take me on a tour of the incredible house of his favorite client, that he’s been working on all week.  It’s such an old house that it’s actually an official historical landmark, and one of the most awesome houses I’ve ever seen.

Fortunately, in addition to breathtakingly large smoked meat sandwiches, we had also shared a plate of pastrami cheese fries, which pretty much made our bike right straight up the northwest hills a wash.

I’m okay with that.

Come say hi if you’ll be at the Urban Craft Uprising this weekend!  I’ll be holding down the fort at the Yarnia booth.

This Week’s Groceries

Fred Meyer 7/2

  • Yogurt: $3.39
  • Cottage cheese: $2.49
  • Milk: $2.99
  • Coffee: $7.13
  • Orange juice: $3.00
  • Strawberries: $1.67
  • Roma tomatoes: $0.98
  • Bunch radishes: $0.50
  • Avocado: $0.88
  • Cucumber: $1.49

TOTAL: $24.52

REMAINING FOR THE MONTH: $88.85 — Back on track!

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Anecdotes? Let me know about it here!