It’s been a big week.

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Truth be told, this past week was not a big cooking week for me.  In the last seven days, I:

Closed on my house.

Was visited by one of my oldest friends.

Had a 24-hour debrief summit with my colleague from UCU to go over feedback and ideas from last weekend’s show.

Had the most ridiculously indulgent weekend of eating out that I could ever imagine.

Saturday night dinner at Screen Door, Sunday morning brunch at Arleta Library Cafe, Sunday dinner at Pok Pok, and Monday brunch at Tasty & Sons.  I wasn’t hungry again for almost 12 hours after that, when I ended up eating Jesse’s homemade Zuppa Toscana in bed while we watched Dexter.  I feel okay about this, because, a) now that UCU is over, I finally have some money again to spend on going out, and b) half of these meals were business expenses!

Oh, and now, I’m prepping the shop for our first summer vacation that we’ve ever had, and prepping four days’ worth of meals to bring with us this weekend to the String Cheese festival at Horning’s.

Overly ambitious?  Ask me again tomorrow when my phone is off and I am on vacation for the first time all summer, wearing my hippie skirts and sipping cocktails with friends in the woods while I listen to fantastic music, and knowing that all my delicious, healthy, hearty food for the weekend is totally pre-made and organized in our cooler, come what may.

This Week’s Groceries

Fred Meyer 7/17

  • ingredients for festival pre-cooking — sadly lost the detailed list but it’s pretty much everything shown on the list above.

TOTAL: $54.00 ($108 split with Jesse)

REMAINING FOR THE MONTH: $6.65 — this sounds drastic, but keep in mind that this is my last week with a fridge for a good long while.  I’m moving next Monday and probably won’t be for-reals cooking again until the end of the month.

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