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So, you know what’s coming up this week…Thanksgiving!  I have all Thursday morning set aside for nothing but cooking before heading over to my friend Andrea’s house for a massive onslaught of indulgence, most likely in many forms.  So today, I did a little shopping.

rainbow chard ($6.87) — this is soon destined for fame
carrots ($0.85)
celery ($0.32)
milk ($2.99)
egg nog ($2.19) I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I treat myself to this once a year and cut my morning lattes with itsweet potatoes ($3.52)
napa cabbage ($1.25)
yellow onions ($2.11)
fresh cranberries ($7.98)
Brussel sprouts ($1.25)
fresh herbs ($0.57)
italian parsley ($1.29)
frozen strawberries ($3.00)
avocado ($0.99)
ground turkey ($2.94) — I know, why buy this the week of Thanksgiving?!  For some reason this and the napa cabbage wouldn’t stop calling to me.  We’re going to see what a little cumin and jerk spices can do…
gruyere cheese ($5.76)

TOTAL: $43.88

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Anecdotes? Let me know about it here!